The North Tara Group consists of experts in management systems, data analysis and data mining, computer programming and graphics with more than two decades of experience in management and project control systems, computer software and graphics. Due to the rapid pace of change in these areas of work, the North Star Group is trying to use the latest available technologies, so that customers will always be satisfied.


You could see our graphic works in the gallery of graphic page. These works are the result of two decades of experience in design, illustration, and ideation of North Tara of Group Graphic.These samples consist of
Identity - Logo and Logotype - Pictogram - Typography
Letter head set – Stationery, office papers and card
Catalogue – Catalog and Brochure
Packaging - Maquette
Book and Magazine - Page Layout and cover
Digital Illustration and Calendar
Poster - Billboard and Stand
Multimedia Programs


Analysis and implementation of a variety of dynamic and static websites in a variety of business areas including; shops, design, advocacy and legal areas, customer management systems, personnel evaluation. Examples of our new sites

Examples of our new sites:


Feasibility study, designing and implementation of various database-based software, including: information management systems, financial, office, warehouse, store and salary software, and finally special software according to the customer's specific needs.


Analyze and implement a variety of applications in the Android and iOS environment as customer needed. The implemented applications are Cross Platform and will have the same display in different devices. Among the designed applications, we can mention the Siham educational application.